Alex Weiss Hills

Barbara Nessim Speaks About Art and Life, Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life, Bard Graduate Center, in-gallery interactive, 2015

designer, developer
PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

This interactive was created to accompany the exhibition Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life at Bard Graduate Center (BGC) Gallery. It was available in the gallery on a touchscreen that ran continuously while the exhibition was on view.

From the BGC website: A constant innovator for more than four decades, Barbara Nessim was one of the first professional illustrators to master the computer as an artistic tool. The exhibition featured more than 150 artworks—many exhibited for the first time—from her meticulously maintained sketchbooks to hand-drawn and computer-generated illustrations, paintings, collages, and rare examples of textiles and costume.

The interactive featured short audio interviews with Nessim and allowed visitors to hear her speak about objects in the exhibition while zooming in on the details that she was describing.

Content was managed on a cloud-based WordPress instance and loaded into an app on the touchscreen. Loading the web page into an app allowed the device to be locked down so that gallery visitors couldn't accidentally escape out of the app. The zooming functionality was built using Openseadragon.js while the audio player was built using Soundmanager2.js.